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The Marion County Property Appraiser is proud to launch its newly redesigned website being offered in a Beta Testing phase during which time the old site remains operational. The new website provides property owners the ability to file for homestead exemption online. This website redesign was completed in-house at no additional cost to Marion County Taxpayers.

Please take a look and become acquainted with the new site, we welcome your feedback either by email ( or by phone (352.368-8300). Click Here (Beta website)

Select a 'Search By:' method. Currently you can search by Name, Parcel, Account Number, Situs Address, Map-Id, Township-Range-Section or create mailing labels. The default is by Name. You may enter up to five arguments, each may be a number, a word, or a partial word. In general, the first argument is the beginning of the field. All other arguments are anywhere in the field. Note: Do not use a comma to separate names.
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Name searches must begin with the last name. Additional parameters may be in any order. You can also use partial first names. To find John Smith you could enter 'Smith John'. Also, 'Smit J' would find last name of Smit* and first names or initials including ' J*'

Parcel searches can be done with complete or partial parcel numbers. Searching 1234-567-890 will result in one property found, whereas, searching on 1234 will find all parcels starting with '1234'. If you are using the parcel information from a tax bill, do not include the prefix letter, such as 'R'. Also, the dashes in the parcel number are significant - do not remove them when conducting a search. A Limit of 5000 is built in.

Address searches can be done with any part of the address. Searching 'fort king' will find all properties with an address on 'fort king'. Note: Address searches are on situs addresses - vacant lots do not have addresses. Less than 100,000 of the more than 230,000 parcels have situs addresses. The search criteria is very sensitive. Please do not use punctuation. Abbreviations are st, rd, pl, ter, ave ct, cir, loop, dr, ln (Example: 501 se 25th ave). If two directionals appear: (1470 sw 41st avenue rd). The less information you use, the better. Start with just the house number and add on from there.

Adverse possession parcels can be found by selecting this option. No parameters are used. Just select Adverse and click search. All adverse possession parcels will be returned in the search results.

Map-id searches can be done with complete or partial Map-id numbers. Searching '213' will result in all parcels found on all 213 map pages whereas searching on '213 A1' will find parcels with Map-id 213 A1' only. Map numbers are based on our in house index and have no use in any formal mapping system.

Section Township Range searches can be done only with valid Section Township and Range values. Use another search and obtain the values for Twn Rge Sec and then return here. The values are entered without spaces: ie '361221'. Township ids are referenced in most national mapping systems.

Sub_Name searches can be done with any part of the subdivision name.  Searching 'spruce' will find all subdivisions with the name spruce in it. 

Sub_ID searches can be done with complete or partial subdivision id numbers. Searching '80' will result in all parcels found with the beginning number of 80.

Map Index presents a scanned image of Marion County that provides a mouse pointer links to individual map sets Linkages such as this may be available at the quarter section level of display in your area of interest. Be warned images are rather large and can be very slow to present.

Labels This feature works just like Parcel searches. The Page you receive will be a comma delimited list of Property Name, Parcel id and Mailing address of the Parcels selected by the search. You can copy and paste this information into an application such as notepad to create a file and then use this data to produce mailing labels using an application such as a word processor.