The property class codes describes the major use of the property.
Below is a list of property class codes:

 PROPERTY CLASS CODES:                                                          
A. Residential         00-08                                                    
B. Commercial          10-39                                                    
C. Industrial          40-49                                                    
D. Agricultural        50-69                                                    
E. Institutional       70-89                                                    
F. Leasehold           90-90                                                    
G. Utilities           91-91                                                    
H. Mining              92-93                                                    
I. Right of Ways       94-94                                                    
J. Wastelands/H2O      95-96                                                    
K. Recreational        97-97                                                    
L. Railroads           98-98                                                    
M. Rural Acreage       99-99                                                    
 CODE       PRINTED                        DESCRIPTION                          
 00   VACANT RESIDENTIAL              Vacant Residential                        
 01   IMPROVED RESIDENTIAL            Single Family                             
 02   IMPROVED MOBILE HOME            Mobile Home                               
 03   MULTI-FAMILY 10 OR MORE UNITS   Multi-Family - 10 units or more                                      
 04   CONDOMINIUM RESIDENTIAL         Condominium                               
 05   COOPERATIVE                     Cooperatives                              
 06   RETIREMENT HOME - TAXABLE       Retirement Homes--Not eligible for exemption under 196.192 FSS               
 07   BOARDING/MIGRANT CAMP/ETC.      Miscellaneous Residential                 
 08   MULTI-FAMILY 09 OR LESS UNITS   Multi-Family - less than 10 units
 10   VACANT COMMERCIAL               Vacant Commercial                         
 11   ONE STORY STORE                 Commercial stores, one story              
 12   COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL MIXED    Mixed use--store and office, store and residential, or any commercial-residential combination        
 13   DEPARTMENT STORE                Department Stores (Belks, Walmart, Etc.)                         
 14   MARKET                          Supermarkets (Harveys, Publix)         
 15   REGIONAL SHOPPING CENTER        Regional Shopping Centers (Paddock Mall, Shady Mall etc.)           
 16   COMMUNITY SHOPPING CENTER       Community shopping centers (Jiffy, 7-11, Kwik-King, etc.)            
 17   01 STY OFFICE/NON-PROFESSIONAL  One story office, non-professional service buildings                         
 18   MULTI-STY OFFICE/NON PROFESSNL  Multi-story, office, non professional services building            
 19   PROFESSIONAL SERVICES           Professional services buildings           
 20   TERMINAL-AIR/BUS/TRAIN/MARINE   Airports--private or commercial, bus terminals, marine terminals, piers.       
 21   RESTAURANT/CAFETERIA            Restaurants, cafeterias                   
 22   RESTAURANT/DRIVE-IN             Drive-In Restaurants                      
 23   FINANCIAL INSTITUTION           Banks, savings and loan companies mortgage companies, credit services       
 24   INSURANCE OFFICE                Insurance company offices                 
 25   SERVICE & REPAIR/NON VEHICLE    Repair service shops, excluding automotive, radio and TV repair refrigeration service, laundromat shops, 
				      trailers and related equipment mobile homes sales                        
 26   GASOLINE SERVICE STATION        Gasoline Service Station                  
 27   VEHICLE SALES & REPAIR          Vehicle sales and repair, commercial garages, farm and machinery sales and services, auto rental, marine            
                                      equipment, motorcycles, construction vehicle sales                             
 28   PARKING LOT                     Parking Lot--Commercial or Patron--Mobile Home Parks                 
 29   WHOLESALE OUTLET                Wholesale Outlets, Produce Houses, Manufactureng Outlets             
 30   FLORIST/GREENHOUSE              Florist, Greenhouses                      
 31   THEATER/DRIVE-IN/STADIUM        Drive-In Theater, Open Stadiums           
 32   THEATER/ENCLOSED/STADIUM        Enclosed Theaters, Enclosed Auditoriums and Stadiums                  
 33   NIGHTCLUB/BAR/LIQUOR SERVICE    Nightclubs, cocktail lounges, bars        
 34   BOWLING ALLEY/ARENA             Bowling alleys, skating rinks pool halls, enclosed arenas               
 35   TOURIST/EXHIBIT                 Tourist attractions, permanent exhibits, other entertainment facilities, fairgrounds                   
 36   CAMPS/CAMPGROUNDS               Camps and campgrounds                     
 37   RACE TRACK - AUTO/DOG/HORSE     Race tracks:  horse, auto, or dog
 38   GOLF COURSE/DRIVING RANGE       Golf course, Driving Range         
 39   HOTEL/MOTEL                     Hotels, motels                            
 40   VACANT INDUSTRIAL               Vacant industrial                         
 41   LIGHT MANUFACTURING             Light manufacturing, small equipment manufacturing plants, small machine shops, instrument           
                                      manufacturing, printing plants            
 42   HEAVY MANUFACTURING             Heavy manufacturing, small equipment manufacturing plants auto or aircraft plants, foundries,       
                                      steel fabricating plants                  
 43   LUMBER YARD/SAWMILL             Lumber yards, sawmills, planing mills     
 44   PACKING PLANT                   Fruit, vegetable, meat packing            
 45   CANNERY/BOTTLER                 Fruit and vegetable canneries, bottlers and brewers, distilleries, wineries                                  
 46   FOOD PROCESSING                 Other food processing--candy factories, bakeries, potato chip factories                                 
 47   MINERAL PROCESSING              Mineral processing--phosphate, cement plants, refineries clay plants, rock, gravel                      
 48   WAREHOUSE/DISTRIBUTION          Warehousing, distribution terminals trucking terminals, van and storage warehousing                               
 49   STORAGE/JUNK YARD               Open storage, new and used building supplies, junk yards, auto wrecking, fuel storage,              
                                      equipment and material storage            
 50   RURAL BUILDING SITE             Improved rural property which is granted classified use assessment         
 51   CROPLAND CLASS 1                Cropland                                  
 52   CROPLAND CLASS 2                Cropland                                  
 53   CROPLAND CLASS 3                Cropland                                  
 54   TIMBER CLASS 1                  Timberland                                
 55   TIMBER CLASS 2                  Timberland                                
 56   TIMBER CLASS 3                  Timberland                                
 57   TIMBER CLASS 4                  Timberland                                
 58   TIMBER CLASS 5                  Timberland                                
 59   TIMBER NOT CLASSIFIED           Timber not classified                     
 60   GRAZING CLASS 1                 Grazing land                              
 61   GRAZING CLASS 2                 Grazing land                              
 62   GRAZING CLASS 3                 Grazing land                              
 63   GRAZING CLASS 4                 Grazing land                              
 64   GRAZING CLASS 5                 Grazing land                              
 65   GRAZING CLASS 6                 Grazing land                              
 66   CITRUS GROVE/ORCHARD            Orchard Groves, Citrus, etc               
 67   BEES/FISH/RABBIT/ETC            Poultry, bees, tropical fish, rabbits, etc.                             
 68   DAIRY/FEED LOT                  Dairies, feed lots                        
 69   ORNAMENTAL/MISCELLANEOUS AGRI   Ornamentals, agricultural uses not otherwise classified                      
 70   VACANT INSTITUTIONAL            Vacant Institutional                      
 71   IMPROVED - CHURCH               Church                                    
 72   SCHOOL - COLLEGE/PRIVATE        Private schools and colleges              
 73   HOSPITAL/PRIVATE                Privately owned hospitals                 
 74   RETIREMENT HOME/EXEMPT          Homes for the aged exempt from taxes under 196.192 FSS                   
 75   CHARITABLE SERVICES/ORPHANAGE   Orphanages, other non-profit or charitable services                    
 76   DEATH SERVICE                   Mortuaries, cemeteries, crematoriums                              
 77   CLUB/LODGE/UNION HALL           Clubs, lounges, union halls               
 78   REST HOME                       Sanitariums, convalescent rest homes                                
 79   CULTURAL                        Cultural organizations and facilities 
 81   MILITARY                        Military                                  
 82   FOREST/PARK/RECREATIONAL        Forest, parks, recreational areas         
 83   SCHOOL/PUBLIC                   Public county schools, includes all property of Board of Public Instruction                               
 84   COLLEGE/PUBLIC                  Public Colleges                           
 85   HOSPITAL/PUBLIC                 Public Hospitals                          
 86   COUNTY PROPERTY                 Counties--other than public schools, colleges, hospitals                       
 87   STATE PROPERTY                  State--other than military--forests, parks, recreational areas, colleges, hospitals                                 
 88   FEDERAL PROPERTY                Federal--other than military--forests, parks, recreational areas, colleges, hospitals                                 
 89   MUNICIPAL PROPERTY              Municipal--other than parks--recreational areas, offices, hospitals                 
 90   LEASEHOLD INTERESTS             Leasehold interests government owned property leased by a non-governmental lesee                    
 91   UTILITIES                       Utility, gas and electricity, telephone, telegraph, locally locally assessed railroads,               
                                      water and sewer service, pipelines, canals, radio and television communications                 
 92   MINING                          Mining lands, petroleum lands, gas lands                          
 93   SUBSURFACE RIGHTS               Subsurface rights referenced to assessment roll 4                      
 94   RIGHT-OF-WAY                    Right-of-way--streets, roads, irrigation channel, ditch, etc.                      
 95   RIVER/LAKE/SUBMERGED            Rivers, lakes, submerged lands            
 96   SEWAGE/WASTE/BARROW             Sewage disposal, solid waste borrow pits, drainage reservoirs, waste lands, marsh,           
                                      sand dunes, swamps                        
 97   RECREATIONAL CLASSIFIED USE     Outdoor recreational or park land granted classified use assessment                            
 98   CENTRALLY ASSESSED              Centrally assessed railways               
 99   ACREAGE/NON CLASSIFIED          Acreage not granted classified use assessment and not otherwise classified                                

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