The Property Appraiser's office operates on a calendar established by Florida Law known as the "Tax Roll Calendar". Some important dates are as follows:


January 1


This is the date mandated for property assessment each year. Properties within the County are valued by the Property Appraiser's office, on the basis of their statutes as of this date each year. Residency and ownership must be established as of January 1 to qualify for Homestead and other Exemptions and Classifications.


January - April


Tangible Personal Property Tax returns are filed.

March 1


Filing deadline for all exemptions and agricultural classification.

April 1


Filing deadline for Tangible Personal Property tax return. (A penalty is assessed for failure to meet this deadline)

July 1


The Property Appraiser's office submits the assessment rolls to the Florida Department of Revenue for review and approval.



TRIM Notices are mailed to all property owners. 25 days opportunity to file a petition with the Value Adjustment Board contesting the property's value.




Assessment rolls are certified for collection.


Tax bills are mailed by the Marion County Tax Collector.